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30 Days of Giveaways Information Post

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30 Days of Giveaways Information Post

Post by Wakamaru » November 19th, 2016, 5:50 pm

THIS EVENT HAS ENDED[hrc=#000000]5[/hrc]Winners will be drawn January 1st through January 7th. Good luck everyone!
Image Introduction
Enter up to 30 great giveaways for a chance to win a variety of rare pets, mounts, Blizzcon goodies, heirlooms, and more!

Event Dates
December 1st through December 31st

Entry Deadline
December 31st at 11:59pm ET

Winners for all 30 giveaways will be drawn between January 1st through January 7th

Choosing Winners
Each giveaway will have 1 winner unless otherwise marked in a specific giveaway post.
  • The winner will be drawn randomly from the total list of entries.
  • How are winners randomly drawn?
    Everyone who qualifies will have their names added to entries list alphanumerically in the order that their entry is earned. At the end of the event the winner we will draw a winning number using A3's random winner generator (RWG) powered by Random.org.

    Click here for more information about how we randomize drawings.
  1. You may only enter a giveaway once.
  2. You may enter as many giveaways as you want.
  3. You may win more than one giveaway.
  4. You must need the item you are entering for. Remember that A3 defines "need" as "not already owning".
How To Enter
Each giveaway post will have a simple question for you to answer. Reply to the giveaway thread you wish to enter and answer the question.

Prize Claim Deadline
Members entering giveaways and events are expected to be courteous of others also entering. Prize winners will be sent a private message on the A3 forum containing information about claiming their prize(s). Members will have 2 weeks (14 days) to [1] respond to the PM if a response is requested and [2] claim their prize(s). If after 2 weeks no response has been received or the prize(s) haven't been claimed in-game the win will be forfeited to another member. A new winner will be drawn for the prize(s).

If an issue arises that interferes with your ability to claim your prize then you must contact Wakamaru asap to make alternative arrangements.


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