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Christmas In July

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Christmas In July

Post by Wakamaru » June 29th, 2019, 10:29 pm

Send a letter to Greatfather Winter letting him know what goodies you'd like to receive under the tree!

Wait... it's Summer! Greatfather Winter has the season off. You'll have to send your letters to A3 instead!

Important Information
Common Event Rules & Information
Questions and Answers

How To Enter
  • Create a NEW post in the Christmas In July forum.
  • Write a letter to the A3 Community. Tell them about yourself and your pet collecting adventure.
  • Example Information?
    • When did you start collecting pets?
    • Why did you start collecting pets?
    • What are some of your favorite pets?
    • What are some of your best pet memories?
    • Etc.
  • You may only list 25 items at a time. You can change items or add new items as receive gifts from members.
  • You may only request DIGITAL items. Digital items can be in the form of IN-GAME pets, mounts, toys, OR in the form of game codes FROM the BLIZZARD community of websites.
  • There is a $25 limit for BlizzStore items. Exception: currency exchange rates.
  • You may not ask for gold or Battle.net balance.
  • The items you request must be for your use. You cannot request items for someone else, to trade, or to sell.
  • You CAN request duplicates. You must indicate which items are duplicate requests and tell us why you want/need the duplicate.
  • You CAN request specific breeds of pets.
Click here to see an example post.

Wishlist Fullfillment
A3ers and the A3 team will attempt to send you goodies from your wishlist!

Items that have been sent to you will be moved to the "Received" portion of your post. This will be done by Wakamaru. DO NOT edit this part of your post.

Sending Items
If you choose to send a fellow A3er an item from their wishlist, please be sure to REPLY to their post and tell them WHAT you have sent them. Wakamaru will use this information to keep wishlists current as well reward giveaway entries.

Each member's character name can be found to the left of their post next to the field "A3 Toon:".

If you need to send a member a server-bound item (e.g. a mount) just let them know the correct server and faction. Members will need to create a TRIAL CHARACTER so that they can learn mounts right away.

There will be no anonymous sending for this wishlist.

If you need help getting an item to an A3er, please also contact Wakamaru. She can arrange delivery for you! You can contact her through private message on the forum or direct message on Discord.

Entry Info
You will earn 1 prize entry for each gift you send.

Exclusive Giveaway
If you do decide to fulfill list wishes we have a special giveaway just for you! You can earn up to 5 entries toward this giveaway.

Prize Options
  • BlizzStore Pet
  • $10 Bnet Balance
  • Adventurous Hopper
  • Albino Buzzard
  • Albino Buzzard
  • Amethyst Softshell
  • Azure Whelpling
  • Azure Windseeker
  • Barnacled Hermit Crab
  • Blazing Cindercrawler
  • Bloated Bloodfeaster
  • Bloodfeaster Larva
  • Brinestoine Algan
  • Bronze Whelpling
  • Budding Algan
  • Cavern Moccasin
  • Child of Jani
  • Coldlight Surfer
  • Crimson Whelpling
  • Darkmoon Eye
  • Dark Whelpling
  • Darkmoon Rabbit
  • Disgusting Oozeling
  • Drowned Hatchling
  • Emerald Whelpling
  • Firefly
  • Gu'chi Swarmling
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Land Shark
  • Lunar Lantern
  • Moon Moon
  • Murgle
  • Naxxy
  • Nightmare Bell
  • Nightmare Whelpling
  • Porcupette
  • Ranishu Runt
  • Silithid Mini-Tank
  • Slimy Eel
  • Slimy Hermit Crab
  • Slimy Octopode
  • Slippy
  • Spirit of Summer
  • Sprite Darter Hatchling
  • Syd the Squid
  • Taptaf
  • Wayward Spirit
  • Young Venomfang
  • Zan'jir Poker
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