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Winter Veil Postcards

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Winter Veil Postcards

Post by Wakamaru » December 1st, 2019, 5:31 pm

Send us some postcards from your travels of Azeroth and beyond!

Important Information
Common Event Rules & Information
Questions and Answers

Choosing Winners
Submitting one screenshot, selfie, or photo counts as one entry to win.

How To Enter
  • Respond to the challenge threads with your entries for each category of photo ops!

    How To Participate
    Go through the photo challenges and pick out a few that you would like to complete. Submit a photo for each theme that you would like to earn an entry for.

    You may only earn one entry per theme, but you may complete ALL of the themes!

    Prize Information
    The winner will receive:
Community Leader
Team Member
[+] A3 Responsibilities
Adoption Forum Management
Adoptions: Inventory
Community Manager/Leader
Event Creation/Management
Pawprint Press Contributor
Reading With Leashes Contributor / Admin
Site Admin
Social Media Manager


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