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Baubleworms Guide

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Baubleworms Guide

Post by Anks » June 18th, 2021, 12:36 pm


DO NOT ACCIDENTLY VENDOR THE GRAYS! Stick them in the bank until you have what you need. There are NINE vendor trash items that you need to buy all three pets:

Notes from testing indicate two items, Ground Gear and Rabbit’s foot, seem very low drops/none for level 60’s and better done on a low-level toon. See tips at the end.

Pet one: Ruby Baubleworm
1.) Ground Gear (Borean Tundra, Outside Variance Keep there are two wheat fields, with Harvest Collectors in them. These collectors are YELLOW until you attack.)
2.) Robble's Wobbly Staff (farmed from elite mobs in Firelands raid and possibly dragon soul)
3.) Very Unlucky Rock (100% from Lucky Horace's Lucky Chest in Nazmir (77.7 36.2 once per toon), sometimes found in the bag of fishing treasures from your faction's fishing daily or from Cavedweller summoned by using Frostdeep Minnow/Lunarfall Carp in your garrison, Minnow/carp is fished up in your garrison if you have Level 3 Fishing Shack in a lvl 3 garrison)

Pet two: Topaz Baubleworm
1.) Rotting Bear Carcass (Easily found in Escape from Durnhold/Old Hillsbrad foothills dungeon in the Caverns of Time)
2.) Dark Iron Baby Booties (Found in the Vault Chests you unlock in Blackrock Depths with Coffer keys looted from NPCs)
3.) The Stoppable Force (Looted from Steamvault NPCs, waves in Battle for Mount Hyjal, Karazan Arcane Protectors, or possibly any tbc dungeon or raid.)

Pet Three: Turquoise Baubleworm
1.) Rabbit's Foot (from the Human Starting area Worgs, prowler in Elwynn forest)
2.) Large Slimy Bone (from the Slimes inside and outside Wailing Caverns)
3.) A Frayed Knot (looted from Scarlet Friars/Zealots Near Scarlet Monestary. Bandit/Cutpurse in Elwynn Forest ) NOTE: This has to be PICKPOCKETED by a Rogue from Level 24 (when you learn pickpocket) to level 60.

All Items can be bought and sold on the auction house.

Trial rogues can pickpocket a frayed knot, trials can also loot very unlucky rock from nazmir treasure chest

Horde tips
1.) For Horde, create a level 10 allied race, ideally hunter because of pet.
2.) If you don't have an allied race unlocked, level up to 10.
3.) In Orgrimmar, see Chromie for the "Lich King" timeline, and hop the Zep to Borean Tundra. Ride over to Variance Keep, avoiding PVP NPC's to keep from flagging up.
4.) Outside Variance Keep there are two wheat fields, with Harvest Collectors in them. One field has eight, and one has four. These collectors are YELLOW, so non-hostile until you attack.
5.) Collectors drop GROUND Gear.
Swim to the end of Variance Keep dock and drown yourself! Why? Because you are going to Stormwind! Wait on the end of the dock and rezz on the boat. The NPCs won't attack, and you'll get to Stormwind with your level 10. Run onto the dock and get killed by the guard. You'll rezz clear across the Zone (saves you riding through Westfall). Avoid Getting PVP flagged or ganked by guards, and you can get to the human starting zone for the the rabbit’s foot. You will be killing the worgs for Rabbit's Foot. ( I rezzed at the graveyard and took the sickness but on hunter with pet I could kill the wolfs/prowlers there and got the foot)

Alliance, you can easily farm the Ground Gear and the Rabbit's foot by creating a toon in the human starting zone and afterwards going to Variance Keep in Borean Tundra.

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