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Complete Tamer Sheet

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Complete Tamer Sheet

Post by Wakamaru » May 3rd, 2016, 10:34 pm

This sheet was posted in the Team Challenge event forum. I wanted to cross post it here though in case it's useful to those who aren't viewing the Team Challenge event section.
Hi A3ers!

I know some of you have been feeling a little intimidated by the idea of the Team Challenge because you weren't sure where or how to use the team(s). I've taken a little time to put together a sheet with a complete list of pet tamers with the basic relevant information you need to help you counter their pets.

The sheet includes: Pet tamer name, tamer pet type, and pet ability type. Wowhead links and faction color coding are also present. The Wowhead link will allow you to see where the tamer is located and browse player comments for help with strategies. The front page of the sheet has a simple list of pets strengths and weaknesses by/versus pet type. Finally, there's a notes section so you can add notes as needed! :P

**Please Note** The sheet does not include spell names and specifics, only ability type for the sake of simple countering.

Warning: This is a large sheet (28.1MB)! It might need a sec to load! :)
*ALL* repeatable tamers are included: Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm, Pandaria, Beasts of Fable, Celestial Tournament, Draenor, Garrison, Darkmoon Faire, & Tommy Newcomer (they are all on their own page). Carrotus Maximus, Gorefu, and Gnawface are not included because their quest is not repeatable. Erris the Collector and Thunderhoof are not included because their teams are inconsistent.
Tamer Order: Most tamers are ordered in the order that they appear in the tamer quests. The garrison battles are in the order they appear each day. The Celestial Tournament tamers are grouped together as they would be in the actual tournament.

Hopefully this adds an easy lookup resource for pet tamers to battle with your team challenge teams!


If you find issues within the sheet please send me a PM.

I'll make corrections and upload the new version for everyone.

[Click here to report an issue]
If you are still intimidated by the team challenges remember that you can talk to your fellow A3ers! There are more than enough people here who would like to share their input and ideas. The community is a valuable tool - make use of it!
Pet Tamer Lookup.xlsx
[readmore="Changelog"]05.03.2016 Original file finished and uploaded.[/readmore]
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