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[OFFICIAL] Connect With Fellow A3ers Through The Discord App

Posted: July 16th, 2016, 7:48 pm
by Wakamaru


A3 is always looking for new and interesting ways to connect with its members. One of our greatest hurdles, though, is connecting members to each other. With everyone playing on different servers, different factions, and the limitations of the friends list – many of you have probably never had a chance to connect. We hope to use the Discord App to help solve that!
The major perk of an app like Discord is that communication is live, meaning you can see it on the fly (assuming you are logged in). This will be an advantage over the forum or Twitter, where you need to check in throughout the day. It will be especially helpful with organizing groups, sharing rare spawn information with others, or just getting to know your fellow A3ers!

Discord is a free app for Desktop and Mobile. This app has been rapidly growing in popularity among the gaming community since its release. The developers continue to actively improve the app, adding new functionality and features.

Get the App

Join Our Server
  • Text Chat (chatroom-like)
  • Voice Chat
  • Direct Messages
  • In-Game Overlay (only works with voice FOR NOW; text overlay may come later)
  • Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • Free
If you do not already have a Discord App account, you will need to register. It's very quick and painless, though!

While you are not required to register for Discord with your A3 name, we do request that you set your nickname to your A3 FORUM name. This will help members to easily recognize each other without unecessary confusion.

To set your nickname:
  1. Right-click on your name in the SERVER user list.
  2. Click on 'Change Nickname'.
Nicknames can be set PER SERVER, so what you use for the A3 server can be different than what you use on another server.

To enable push-to-talk follow these steps:
  1. Click 'User Settings'.
  2. Click 'Voice'.
  3. In the bottom left drop-down menu (Input Mode) select Push to Talk.
Follow these steps to set a push-to-talk key.
  1. Click ‘User Settings’.
  2. Click ‘Keybinds’.
  3. In the left drop-down menu select ‘Push to Talk’.
  4. Click in the right field, and push the key you want to use as your push-to-talk button.
By default, all notifications for all channels will be enabled. While some people will enjoy this so they never miss a thing, others may only want to receive notifications for specific channels. To review and adjust your notification settings:
  1. Click on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) near the top left by the server name “Azeroth Adoption Agency”.
  2. Click on ‘Notification Settings’.
From here you can customize your notification options server-wide under the ‘Server Notifications Settings’ menu or you can customize your notifications per-channel under the ‘Channel Notification Settings’ menu. We do not recommend selecting the ‘Mute Azeroth Adoption Agency’ setting at the top as this will significantly change your experience connecting with A3 and A3 members.

Discord has a targeting feature similar to what is used on Twitter. Within the chat channels, you can target individual members by typing @name or an entire group of users by typing @groupname. When you first type @ into the text box, you will be presented with a list of members and groups to choose from. You can also target the specific channel that you are in by typing @here. This will notify everyone in the channel who is online.
  • If you wanted to send a PUBLIC message to Wakamaru in a chat channel you would type “@Wakamaru Hi Waka!”.
  • If you wanted to ask a PUBLIC question to anyone on the A3team you would type “@a3team Hello! I was curious if someone could explain to me how the Team Challenges worked?”.
  • If you wanted to send a PUBLIC message to everyone who is online in the channel you would type “@here Hey everyone! How’s it going?”.
You do not have to use @targeting, but if you want to be sure to grab a specific person or group’s attention this is a great way to do it.
You are able to send private instant messages to people as well. You can do this by finding the person you want in the list at the right. To send them a message you can:
  1. Left-click on a person’s name in the list and type a message in the “Message @name” field and push Enter to send it.
    • Example: If you left-clicked on Wakamaru you would see “Message @Wakamaru”. Type your initial message here and push Enter.
  2. Right-click on a person’s name in the list and click on ‘Message’. This will bring you to the full-sized chat window where you can then type and send your messages.
    Messages can be sent to online and offline members alike. If the member is offline, they can read it when they come back.
You will be in all chat channels by default. To switch which the channel you are viewing, simply left click on the channel name.
To switch voice chat channels, you will also left-click. If you want to leave voice chat completely click on the disconnect icon at the bottom of the left chat menu.

  • You can adjust the volume of each person individually for voice chat. To do this quickly and easily, simply right-click on their name in the member list at right and adjust the slider.
  • You can add notes to people to help you remember important details. To do this, right-click on their name in the member list at right and click add note.
  • Announcements will always be posted in and pinned from the Announcements channel.
  • If you find that your group needs an additional voice or text channel, please send Wakamaru a direct message.
  • Questions, comments and concerns should be sent to Wakamaru.

Re: Connect With Fellow A3ers Through The Discord App

Posted: July 19th, 2016, 8:32 pm
by Wakamaru
The above post has been updated. Please see the "NICKNAME REQUIREMENTS" section for new information.

Re: Connect With Fellow A3ers Through The Discord App

Posted: September 18th, 2016, 2:00 pm
by Fenrasta
If anyone else has a problem where when they first download it, they get a log-in screen and keyboard without any option to register, close out the app completely (on iPhone, double-tap the home button to see all open apps and then slide Discord upward to close it) and reopen it and there should be a register button at the bottom.


Re: [OFFICIAL] Connect With Fellow A3ers Through The Discord App

Posted: August 25th, 2018, 12:01 pm
by Bentley
the above anavar post has been updated i thought it wasnt